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At Pacific Coast Feather Company, we channel our energy into perfecting the qualities of Down used in apparel, outdoor, military and premium home goods. We draw on our wealth of experience across a variety of design disciplines, to pull together relevant and engaging experiences with Down.

We are Down, Heart and Soul.


It takes expertise, hard work
and creativity to improve on
nature’s finest material


Our standards are
the highest in the industry,
from start to finish

World Wide

A beautiful example of
our global reach to source
the finest Down


Pacific Coast™ Down is an icon
for the best qualities in Down:
comfort, warmth,
durability & performance


Two of nature’s finest
materials blended for
improved performance:
Pacific Coast™ Down
TENCEL® lyocell


For conditions that require
an extra boost of warmth


When you need the best
alternative to Down,
nothing emulates the
performance qualities more